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Paul's mission trips expanded the reach of the young Church, and his writings articulate our faith.

Saints Peter and Paul witness to the power of God’s forgiveness, Pope says

Both men were willing to bear witness to the point of death, and both were martyred in Rome. Jerome is famous for saying, "Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ. Augustine — Bishop of Hippo, a contemporary of Jerome, and another Doctor of the Church, Augustine was notorious for his life of sinful indulgence prior to his conversion.

He continues to inspire people, not only because of his conversion, but also with the brilliance of his writings—most famously his Confessions—which have had a profound impact on Christian thought down to the present day.

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This union among us goes beyond and continues in the next life; it is a spiritual communion born in Baptism and not broken by death, but, thanks to the Risen Christ, is destined to find its fullness in eternal life. Patrick — As the Fifth Century Apostle of Ireland, Patrick exemplifies how Christian witness can have a pervasive, lasting impact on a culture. Following the example of Jesus, who taught with imagery, St.

Patrick is known for using the image of the shamrock to illustrate the Trinity, making a great mystery of God accessible to all people. Francis of Assisi — One of the most beloved saints, Francis of Assisi lived the Gospel by identifying himself with the poor, embracing outcasts and enemies, andcelebrating the goodness of God present in all creation.

Living Stream Ministry

His witness revitalized a Church that had "fallen into ruin," and his influence today goes beyond the order he founded and even beyond the Catholic Church. When the last two popes held interreligious gatherings to pray for peace, they met not in Rome, but in Assisi.

He founded the Jesuits in as an effort to counter the effects of the Protestant Reformation by the promotion and defense of the teachings and authority of theChurch across Europe. Ignatius also developed his Spiritual Exercises, a model of prayer still used today. We are provided with the testimonies of missionary saints, martyrs, and witnesses to the faith to draw us ever deeper in our relationship with God and strengthen our own proclamation of the Gospel.

Spend some time researching the life of a missionary witness — St.

Bishop Barron on the Desire to be a Saint

Andrew Kim and the Korean martyrs, Sr. Dorothy Stang, Dr. Let yourself be transformed. Let yourself be renewed by the Spirit, so that this can happen, lest you fail in your precious mission. The Lord will bring it to fulfilment despite your mistakes and missteps, provided that you do not abandon the path of love but remain ever open to his supernatural grace, which purifies and enlightens.