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They said it was going to be fun. They said I was going to make new friends, they said that I would experience new things, and above all, they said that I would not want to leave. But that was all an understatement — they had no idea. The course is ideal for couples to gain a deeper understanding of Islam for the future of their lives together.

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In keeping with the annual ritual of Qurbani, The World Federation facilitates the slaughtering of goats qurbani where the meat is then distributed among the poor and needy. Read the report from The World Federation distributed bags of flour to flood victims in Pakistan. Read the report here. Our Khoja community is one of great success and triumph and just recently, two members of our community were recognised for their incredible achievements.

Sayyid Muhsin Tabatabi al Hakim is considered to be one of the most famous scholars in last 50 years. After Ayatullah Burujardi, he was among the renowned Maraji of Najaf. The overall goal of this development programme is to increase the skills of teachers, and to shift their attitudes and behaviours so that they may be better able to support the learning of the students in the Madrasah. Indeed we are guests here, and every guest must soon leave. The Nigerian army has been reported to have raided the residence of the leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Sheikh Ebrahim Zakzaky in Zaria, northern Nigeria and arrested him and killing several of those protecting him.

The inaugural Western Indian Ocean Studies workshop entitled 'Rahe Najat The Path of Salvation : Religious and social dynamics amongst mercantile communities of the western Indian Ocean' was hosted by the department of religious studies from November at the Florida International University in Miami.

In , the World Federation was established, unifying the disparate jamaats of the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri community worldwide under its headship. In and , The World Federation gifted 85 sewing machines to women in Pakistan who lost male breadwinners in their families to targeted killings. This Arba'een we've asked people who have been blessed with the opportunity to go to Iraq to send us their pictures so we can all share the experience. When I first learnt that I had been accepted into this course I felt joy, not only because I would have the opportunity to increase my knowledge of Islam, but also because I knew that Imam Ridha and Sayeda Masooma had accepted me so I could visit them.

The trip to Iran was a unique experience of its own, a journey unlike any other. Firstly, on behalf of The World Federation, I would like to express my deepest condolences to all those who lost loved ones in the attacks over the weekend in Baghdad, Beirut and Paris.

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The Madressa Centre of Excellence regularly holds teacher training programs globally and these programs help ensure that the teachers who will be educating the children of our community are trained to the highest level. Your donation, great or small will support the construction of urgently needed water wells and ensure that families have easy access to clean and safe water. I am very pleased to be able to tell you all about the launch of our very own Khums Calculator app.

This is an easy and handy way to calculate, keep track of and pay your khums dues. Here's how to use it. Did you know you can raise funds for The World Federation while you shop online? Easy Fundraising is a company which has partnered up with many popular retailers, such as Amazon, John Lewis, Boots, ASOS, Tesco and many insurance and utility companies so that when you buy something from their websites, a percentage of the money goes to us! As of October , over , refugees have fled to Europe on unseaworthy boats and dinghies across the Mediterranean Sea.

More than 3, refugees have died or are missing. I pray that our azadari is accepted and our connection with our Living Imam ajfs is strengthened during this month inshAllah. One of the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals is to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty. My dream to relive precious moments in the tranquil land of Iran near the blessed personalities of Imam Ali-ibn-Musa Ar-Redha as and Bibi Fatima Masuma sa soon became a reality This trip was about starting a one way journey towards self improvement and self building.

It was about getting closer to The Almighty and actively awaiting the return of Al Hujjah afts. This course organised by The World Federation was truly inspiring and helpful, especially the classes we had on a daily basis in the Holy city of Qum. In a region where incomes are low and cultural expectations call for community participation in wedding day celebrations, many families simply cannot manage to save up for a wedding. History plays a vital role for a community. We learn from our past in order to plan our future. We passionately believe that a concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a critical link to our faith and cultural legacy.

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The event was arranged through the Pearls of Wisdom Islamic Library for Children where each participant made a donation of the same amount towards the Ramadhan Relief Fund. With over 36 million people living there, water scarcity has been an issue for decades where natural water resources fail to provide an equitable delivery of water to the various regions of the country. Over the past few years, European universities have a much preferred choice for students, to such an extent that up to a third of British students are considering overseas study, reported the British Council earlier this year.

We are looking forward to meeting the community and discussing the work the organization has been involved in over the last year. It gives me great pleasure writing to you all today on the auspicious occasion of Eid-e-Ghadeer having just returned from Hajj.

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Our humanitarian mission to Greece is all about extending help to the masses of refugees seeking asylum from a life of persecution and violence. It is Greek Time when we arrive at the furthest point on the coast of Skala in Lesvos. This point is marked by a lighthouse that stands on it.

Upon our arrival, we meet a group of about 60 Afghani Shias who had taken shelter in an abandoned house with nothing but a fire to keep them warm. This Eid may your house be filled with loved ones, your table laden with delicious dishes and desserts, may your walls echo laughter and happiness; a day of celebration. Mahmood Dhala, Head of Relief at WF, delivered this message to community members through our fortnightly newswire about what WF are doing with regard to the refugee crisis in Europe.

The European Hajj Mission have released the following safety announcement following the stampede in Makkah.

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Our goal is to enable growth and progress through education, creating a generation of skilled individuals who will work together to improve and strengthen their communities. In , more than , refugees have fled to Europe on unseaworthy boats and dinghies. More than 2, refugees have died or are missing.

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These refugees are fleeing war, violence and persecution in their country of origin. The time between the moment you decide to go to Hajj and the day you actually leave requires a lot of planning and preparation. On 21 July , heavy monsoon rains resulted in extreme flash floods across various Provinces and regions in Pakistan.

The downpour caused rivers to overflow to the point where entire villages were submerged in water leaving thousands of people homeless. The lessons, which are being developed by a team of experienced madrasah teachers and a graphic artist, undergo a rigorous process of vetting. No words or phrases can ever give justice to the experience felt in Iran. Each experience, each moment and each second deserves a written biography, while still leaving you in frustration for not explaining it well enough.

Imam Ali Ridha A. S and his mother Arwi. Imam Ridha a. He provided us with a lot of advice on how to take care of ourselves.

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On the death anniversary of our 6th Holy Imam, Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq as , we send our condolences to the Imam of our time ajfs and the worldwide Muslim Ummah. United Muslim Foundation has been working with TeenCentral. Net over the last few years Alhamdulillah to provide counseling to Muslim teens who reach out for help online. The Zainabiya Breast Cancer Screening Centre was established in Mianwali in Pakistan in and was intended to meet the growing needs of the Pakistani women who knew little about breast cancer.

The present work is an annotated translation of the thirty-first edition, published in by the Qum office of al-Sayyid al-Sistani. Shaykh Mohammed Ali Ismail deserves to be commended for successfully completing this challenging task. Following my brief visit to Gujarat in January when I had visited a number of madaris in Mahuva and Bhavnagar, it was felt that a follow-up visit for a longer period was required.

My name is Hanna Mahmood Daya. Day 3 - This marked the most important day of the Mentors Development Programme.

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It is the day that gave us the most confidence and we hope that we can make do the best for our mentees. Day Two of the Mentor Training Programme commenced at 8. Alhamdullillah we all had a good rest before starting the day in full swing. This Eid, why not gift your family and friends a Charity Gift? Often, one of the hardest things about Eid is finding the right present!

There is no du'a that resonates with the spirit of Ramadan like the first short du'a we begin everyday amaals with. The month of Ramadhan is filled with the mercy and blessings of Allah swt. Increasing our good deeds, giving charity and helping others are among the best actions we can perform to seek nearness to the Almighty.