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Previously, Alice served as a missionary in Europe for 17 years, taught at Denver Seminary, and was dean of the Seminary of the East Philadelphia Center. She is widely known as cohost with Haddon Robinson of the daily Bible-teaching radio program Discover the Word.

The God Who Sings (Zephaniah 3:14-20)

Preaching the Old Testament, which can seem harsh and foreign to modern listeners, can be a challenge. In fact, many preachers abandon it altogether because of the difficulties in making it understandable and relevant to those in the pews. But to appreciate the full depth and beauty of New Testament teaching we must build our foundation on an understanding of the Old Testament.

The insights of the Hebrew language, poetry, historical narratives, and prophetic offerings were important to the writers of the New Testament, and they should be to us as well. Preaching the Old Testament equips pastors to keep up on the Hebrew language, prepare to preach the various sections of the Old Testament, and see how it can be interpreted in light of its context and of our world today. Scharf , associate professor and chair of pastoral theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

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Shaw , emeritus dean and professor of preaching, Lincoln Christian Seminary. Editor Scott M. Gibson has skillfully combined the works of many well-known preachers, including Haddon Robinson and Bryan Chapell , into one practical guide written for present and future church leaders. Including questions for reflection and suggestions for further reading, this helpful resource addresses important topics such as preaching to a postmodern audience, pluralism, and the intersection of preaching and psychology.

Do you think a postmodern audience may render your preaching post-relevant? Think again. Such preaching, however, requires more than just contextualizing the message.

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Valuable appendixes detail steps to an effective sermon and provide questions for assessing cultural developments with spiritual discernment. Whether a new or experienced speaker, in church leadership or in parachurch ministry, you can make an impact on the rising global village—starting now. Spurgeon Can Help Your Preaching. Hendricks , emeritus distinguished professor of Christian education and leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary. How does one preach to a congregation immersed in a postmodern culture outside the church, but often finding itself in another culture within its walls?

Do the postmodern criticisms offer any opportunities to the preacher for addressing the great truths of Scripture in new and fresh ways? Robert Kysar and Joseph M. Webb , both scholar-preachers, believe that they do.

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Preaching to Postmoderns: New Perspectives for Proclaiming the Message seeks to inform and encourage pastors who want to expand their horizons. Webb and Kysar have addressed the need for pastors to understand the staggering numbers of new approaches to biblical interpretation and the bewildering choices for sermon preparation that they represent. In this book, they offer introductions to each of the major types of interpretive methods and point out the implications for each in preparing a sermon.

The Bible in Its Making: The Bible in the Days of Jesus Christ 8 of 13

To exemplify how each of the major methods impacts the preaching task, they offer a sample sermon for each method. This is a book that will bring pastors up to date in biblical interpretation while demonstrating what difference it makes for preachers as they seek to use the various methods. Joseph M. Webb is professor of global media and communication and dean of the School of Communication and Media at Palm Beach Atlantic University. The spiritual lives of your church members are driven largely by what you choose to preach about on Sunday morning.

If your messages are scattered, unrelated to one another, or haphazardly prepared, it can be difficult for people to make connections to aid their spiritual growth.

Preaching with a Plan shows you a step-by-step process on how to develop a cohesive preaching plan to guide your choice of Scripture, topics, and concepts to use in worship services. It answers these critical questions:. Insights and advice from leaders in the field! Preaching with Power brings together powerful personal interviews with dynamic preachers and those who influence preaching today. Discover here how these top communicators prepare and plan for sermons, what role culture plays in shaping their messages, who influenced their ministries, and what they have to say to you.

Hawkins, Jim Henry , T. Michael Duduit is the founding publisher and editor of Preaching magazine and PreachingNow , a weekly email newsletter that reaches more than 12, pastors nationwide. He is also the author or editor of several books and has served on the administrative staffs at Southern Baptist Seminary and Samford, Palm Beach Atlantic, and Union universities. He resides in Franklin, Tennessee. Preparing Evangelistic Sermons is a simple do-it-yourself resource for evangelistic preaching.

Using principles rooted in his seven-step Scripture sculpture method, Dr. Ramesh Richard guides you through the foundation, framework, method, and special issues of preaching salvation. He discusses:. This practical guide also includes helpful appendices, outlines, and checklists for pastors, seminarians, and church leaders. Anyone desiring deeper training in evangelistic sermons will find this book to be a valuable, life-changing guide. Sermons are what we make with what God has made.

His method, explained in this book, has been field-tested in training seminars for thousands of pastors and preachers around the world, and it will be invaluable to you as well. Preparing Expository Sermons is a simple do-it-yourself resource for developing and preaching expository sermons. It guides you through a seven-step process, with many practical suggestions and illustrative charts along the way. In addition, there are 13 appendixes that include information on:. Many pastors are just too busy to follow the latest theories on preaching and sermon form.

Cahill seeks both to educate the working pastor on the current issues of sermon design and enable them to use this design in a way that can change their preaching.

After first laying the theoretical groundwork with discussions of the theological, cultural, and literary roots of the new approaches to sermon design, Cahill expertly guides the preacher through a practical process for designing sermons that speak to people in the world today. Anderson , professor of homiletics, Northwest Baptist Seminary. Dennis M. Cahill has been in the pastorate for more than 20 years. Koller , Ramesh Richard , Haddon W. Robinson , Torrey W. Format: Digital. Be the first to rate this. Configure payment plan in cart. Add to Cart. An experienced and skilled group of contributors to this volume includes: Paul Borden Scott M.

Shelley Donald R. Sunukjian Joseph M. Robinson and Torrey W. Haddon Robinson has done it again—given us a book that combines his deep commitments to both expository and culturally sensitive preaching. This book significantly advances our understanding and practice of the first-person narrative sermon.


Kelderman, associate professor of preaching, Calvin Theological Seminary Stories work. Actually, good stories work when told well.

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Torrey and Haddon Robinson address both concerns: what makes a story good, and what makes it well told; and they do so with a terrific blend of theoretical explanation and practical illustration. They encourage the first-timer that he should, and can, preach narrative sermons. They teach the more seasoned story-teller that he should, and can, preach narrative sermons better.

Finally, the Robinsons provide rationale, guidance, and examples. Most fail the biblical text, or fail artistically, or both.

God is as angry at sin as we think he is.

But now there is help. Robinson Professor of Preaching, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary For many years first person narrative sermons in costume have been a regular part of my preaching as a pastor, seminary teacher, and military chaplain. Young people and children in particular have often expressed gratitude to me for bringing the message of the Bible with such clarity and heart impact.