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The Beastly Covenant: A Tale of Monsterous Proportion

The Covenant has found several species on different planets, and either forced them to join OR the species wanted to join You get the perk of being part of an empire. They don't really participate in combat, but they could definitely wield a gun to defend themselves.

Would you like more species to join the Covenant. If anything, I'd really like the Sharquoi formerly Drinol to join. Apparently, they DO exist in the Halo universe and were going to be a boss in Halo 2.

Militias on the wane

They are 5 meters tall and described as powerful and beastly. Would you like new unique Covenant units such as these? Show More Show Less.

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I think something large, menacing and devastating would be awesome. The Hunter species is nice and all but I think something twice their size would be one of the coolest enemies ever.

Something similar to the Goliath on Evolve except more of a quadruped. Hollow Mancer wrote:. The universe is vast. It would be so awesome if it happened I want an asari kinda race Oathkeeper wrote:. Anguirus wrote:. The Universe on a Canonical standpoint has many, many species we have yet to physically see. Only mentioned in books, or other media, but if those species begin to become visually seen just as we saw one in Halo:NightFall.

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Then we can see many great new additions in the future to come, as there are still multiple Covenant Fringe species who have yet to be seen. Quietly, Kira ventures to Dragon's Cave to offer herself as a sacrifice to a dangerous warrior - a beast - in order to save her beloved home. The Beast Tobias, Dragon King of a dying race, finds himself thrust into a foreign world and its troubles.

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Those of his kind before him who came to Valeria were never heard from again. He wants nothing more than to return to the comfortable peace of his world and his own people. As he is about to make the journey home, his warrior's spirit stops him. The maiden, Kira, that summoned him lies unconscious and in harm's way.

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