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The story is a testament to the bonds many immigrant families strive to keep with their country of origin. Just as Ellis Island looms large in a generation of immigrant tales, the Mexico-U.

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Held in a detention center for not having immigration papers, Mama records stories inspired by Haitian folklore for Saya to listen to at bedtime. A much-needed book that holds possibility and hope for families caught in these circumstances. A Long Walk to Water is the story of two Sudanese children — Salva, a boy, and Nya, a girl — told from alternating points of view. Young readers may recognize the sting of bullying and rejection and the struggle to fit in. Lowji Snajana is a 9-year-old boy from Bombay who finds himself in Hamlet, Illinois, at the beginning of summer.

With no school yet and no friends to speak of, he befriends animals — and shares his adventures with friends back in India through letters.

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At 13, Sara is just a regular teenager dealing with first loves, friendship drama, and taming her unibrow. Like Here I Am , The Arrival , a graphic novel, captures the strangeness of the immigrant experience without the use of words. Author Shaun Tan is from Australia.

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    Married Mother and Daughter Arrested for Incest Could Face 10 Years In Jail

    Rachel West, 38, didn't let her children, aged four and six, attend their father's funeral. I was in absolute pieces that day, and needed to be. That alone would have caused them immeasurable distress. I have remained strong in their presence at all other times, which I believe benefits them in these early years. And funerals are simply not suitable for little children, particularly those suffering trauma.

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    I stand by my decision. But Emma Williams, whose father died when she was 10, doesn't just regret missing his funeral; she feels it affected her ability to mourn. To have gone to his funeral would have acknowledged that and given me a chance to say goodbye. Coupled with the fact that grownups would often ask me if I was being strong for my mum and the fact that my school barely acknowledged my loss, it's no wonder that my grieving process got frozen. It was when Emma, 41, started going to funerals in her late teens that an overwhelming feeling of sorrow descended.

    It was bloody hard doing it that late as I had to take myself back to being that age again. I can't say that this was all because I didn't go to my dad's funeral, but I do believe it was a major influence. Perhaps not surprisingly, Emma's mother, Thelma, 77, has suffered enormous guilt over the years. I now very firmly believe that she shouldn't just have been there, she should have been involved in every part of it. Mackinnon agrees: "What we do hear time and time again is those who wish they had gone — in many of those cases, it has prevented them from starting their grieving journey and they still feel angry or rejected.

    Preparation, she says, starts with ensuring that the child understands the concept of death — that the body has stopped working, that it doesn't need food or air and can't feel pain. Children take things literally, she adds, so avoid using expressions such as "lost your mum" or "Auntie's gone on a journey".