Manual Performance and Accountability in Todays Classroom: A Framework for Effective Mentoring

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The remaining chapters may be covered in any order.

The format allows teachers to read through pertinent, concise information on specific topics named important or challenging to new teachers. Each chapter ends with reflective questions to be used in whole or part in discussion with one's mentor. The book is designed to carry a participant through a three-year mentor-mentee relationship.

Show more Show less. It was a delight to read through this book by Kimberly Strike. Each chapter is concise with so many practical ideas.

The workbook format makes it easy to use and stimulates candid conversations between the mentor and mentee. I find that I can use the ideas presented to even assist veteran teachers in goal setting and reflection. As a mentoring connection progresses, establish checkpoints where mentorships report on their progress. Lastly, have a formal process that brings closure to the mentoring experience. Within this process, provide an opportunity for both the mentor and mentee to reflect upon what was learned, discuss next steps for the mentee, and provide feedback on the benefits of the program and process.

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Learn how guided mentoring can work for you. Understanding how your program measures up to expectations may well be the most important phase of all. Mentoring is a significant investment when you consider program management, infrastructure, and the valuable time of participants. Articulating the impact is essential to secure ongoing funding and support.

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In addition, the measure phase is also focused on assessing program health to identify trouble spots and opportunities. Mentoring programs should be tracked, measured, and assessed at three altitudes: the program, the mentoring connection, and the individual. To be effective you need the ability to capture metrics and feedback throughout the program lifecycle. At the program level, build metrics around defined business objectives.

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For example, in a diversity mentoring program you may want to compare promotion rates of program participants to non-participants. Conversion metrics provide essential insight into program health. For mentoring connections, you want to understand mentorship behavior to identify roadblocks and opportunities. Common questions you will want to ask are: Is the mentoring timeframe too long, too short, or just right? Are mentorships getting off to fast starts or lagging?

Are participants leveraging content resources you have provided? One of the easiest ways to capture outcome and feedback is through surveys. Ask participants and stakeholders how well the mentoring program met their goals and the goals of the organization. Also ask them for their ideas for improving the program. View examples of mentoring program reporting. Mentoring is an impactful strategy to develop, engage and retain your people. But running an effective mentoring program goes way beyond just matching people up.

For true impact on your organization, it takes effort, resources, and know-how. Watch the video to see how Chronus software makes it easy to start, manage, and measure a modern mentoring program. Learn About Mentoring Software.

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Demo Today! Request Custom Demo Today. Request a customized demo today to see how Chronus mentoring software can help your people reach their full potential! Request Demo. Chronus - Leader in mentoring software. Schedule a Demo. Step 1 Design Your Mentoring Program The starting point for any mentoring program begins with two important questions: Why are you starting this program?

What does success look like for participants and the organization? Key design decisions include: Enrollment — is it open, application, or invite only? Specifically, PBIS implemented school-wide is associated with the following outcomes: [1] , [2] , [3] , [4]. This team typically:. To learn more about PBIS resources available within your state, contact your state coordinator. Check out these samples, case studies and lesson plans and use them as a springboard to improve your own implementation.

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Resources in this section include journal articles, templates, practice descriptions, fact sheets, and much more. Presentations about their experiences, published research, and best practices from recent sessions, webinars, and trainings. Recordings here include keynotes and presentations about PBIS concepts as well tips for implementation. However, the contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the US Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.

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Project Officer, Renee Bradley. Retrieved from www. Bullying Prevention. Classroom PBIS. Data-based Decision Making. Juvenile Justice.

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Opioid Crisis and Substance Misuse. When schools implement PBIS, they start by implementing it school-wide. Three critical features — systems, practices, and data — work together to promote positive, predictable, safe environments for everyone in all school settings.