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At least 11 people have been arrested in the case so far, ranging from the alleged gunman to a series of drivers and relatively minor accomplices. Ortiz was wearing white pants on the night of the shooting and law-enforcement officials said that the gunman, Rolfy Ferreyra, mistook him for the target and fired.

The alleged shooter is a skinny, tattooed year-old whom U. His driver was captured immediately after the shooting when he fell off the motorcycle he was trying to use to escape. Ferreyra and the other suspects were captured over the next few days. Ferreyra told reporters from the window of a jail cell this week that he did not mean to shoot Ortiz, but fired at him in confusion over his clothing.

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So I quit the job. Unfortunately, this kind of thing kept happening. So I would often just go along with that story. Tweet This. Years after my first job as a paperboy, I had another job as a marketing director. This was my first real job after college, and so I attached a lot of significance to it. I started out as a copywriter but over the years was promoted to a director position and at one point had about a dozen people reporting to me.

Mistaken Identity

It was a great job that allowed me to learn so many great skills. So I started writing every day and publishing my thoughts and ideas on a blog.

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People started to read it, and I began calling myself a writer. The more I did this, the more other people believed it, and the more I believed it myself. Eventually, it became true. Even when I left that job to write full-time, I was scared.

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Scared of what people might think. Scared of rejection.

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I could be myself, even when others misunderstood or even disliked that. You can, too. But this is not the way great art is made.

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Such stories provide sobering reminders that a world run by bureaucrats contains at least as much of Kafka as Orwell — and maybe a touch of Rod Serling, as well. The people you are about to meet would no doubt agree. Start the Countdown. What if your doppelganger ran off with your identity?

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