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Interesting thoughts abound. You do not have a complete understanding of how Walmart works, unless you are in favor of fascism. Maybe you missed my comment on this point, in the above post: "I will caveat my comment: Wal-Mart, like every major corporation, probably gains much more from corporatocracy the relationship between large companies and the government than it loses. You really don't understand or see the financial and economic devastation that your beloved Walmart has wrecked upon the families in your country. You have to go to a country like Argentina to understand the freedom and luxury that families have when there is a world of no Walmarts, Home Depots, Costco's I am partially inclined to Costco.

It's just not all about low prices.

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Well, of course not all Jews are terrible folks. Rothbard, Mises, and Block killed no one. The vast majority are decent, reasonable folks. And, no doubt, there are many complicit evil Gentiles who work hand-in-hand with evil Jews. But, the religion espoused in the Talmud is a strange one, and bears only passing resemblance to that in the Old Testament, much less that in the New Testament. I know for a fact that millions of Jews were killed by several of the above-mentioned tyrants Toaff is highly learned, and examines original Italian documents from the Middle Ages in the Simon of Trent murder.

Fascinating ebook. I thought this stuff was all slander, but think otherwise now. At this point in my journey, these topics do not interest me — this might change in the future. Somehow, miraculously, the Jews were spared this carnage occurring all around and amongst them? There have been other instances since. What does this prove — Jews are human, too?

Do Jews have a monopoly on committing atrocities? Many 'Conservative' Americans are useful idiots -- e. Many Jews are useful idiots -- e. It is useful to examine core beliefs, because many of them are used to enslave us, whether Jew or Gentile. That is the worth of 'The Hoax of the 20th Century': if one can see that The Holocaust is a lie, it enables one to examine many other shibboleths.

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With that, Jews and Gentiles alike can come to understand that we are being manipulated by dark forces, some of this world, some not. Please point to me where, outside of the Holocaust, it is alleged that millions of Jews were killed in the 20th century. Jews do not have a monopoly on committing atrocities. But, they seem to have a disproportionately large role in ugly groups that do direct atrocities, such as the NeoCons and Bolsheviks and even Mao's Communists.

I think Jews are enslaved by dark forces that have disfigured their true history. Because of their high intelligence, wealth, and important positions in academia, medicine, media, etc. TPTB work very hard to keep them -- and Gentiles -- enslaved. That is how I see things. Jews were most heavily concentrated in the countries that were most heavily devastated by the European wars of the last century.

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There was something in the neighborhood of 9 — 10 million Jews in Europe at the time. There was over one million in Austria, over half a million in Germany, almost , in Hungary, well over a million in Poland, and almost 4 million throughout the Soviet states. All of these turned into lands of death: bloodlands. Are you suggesting NO Jews died in Europe during the war?

If not, then this is merely a debate about how many. I am willing to bet that at least one of the authors you cite concedes that Jews died in large numbers during the war — albeit, being holocaust deniers, for reasons other than the gas chambers.

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Jews lived in Central and Eastern Europe; people died by the multi-tens of millions in these regions. Jews died in the war — and I bet the number is something well over one million, and for all I know, might be six million. Unless you have facts that say otherwise or can build a logical case for how they dodged the bullets and bombs, I will rely on my construct. Or are you saying no Jews lived in Europe? That would be a good one.

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Of course, a large number of Jews died in the Warsaw uprising, etc. Of course, remnant Jews probably died in the firebombings of Dresden. Your logic, that they probably died in large numbers because they comprised a large portion of the population of Eastern European countries, is reasonable, though debatable. The Jews were transported en masse though not entirely from Germany and Eastern European countries to the work camps. They either survived in the work camps as 'The Hoax of the 20th Century' shows or were murdered in them. The work camps were not bombed by the Allies.

Me, I just want the truth about the Holocaust out because I want the big, powerful guns on the side of truth. It is heartening that bright minds like you, Gary North, and others bring truth out on a wide range of subjects. But, I want the knights, bishops, and rooks -- Murdoch, Sulzberger, Spielberg, Dimon, Blankfein, Fischer, Kissinger -- who currently play for black to switch sides and play for white.

The shock of truth may do that. John, thank you for the dialogue. I will say, I have not read in any detail alternative histories of the holocaust. I only wanted to clarify, through our dialogue, that Jews also died in large numbers during this time and place - and this, only in the context of those who scream "It's the Jooz, it's the Jooz" as the explanation for every calamity.

Subscribe To Posts Atom. Comments Atom. Friday, March 27, Miscellaneous Debris. I have always wanted to find a way to use the title of this album as the title of a title of a post; well, here it is. None of the following topics is significant enough to merit an individual post — but I want to clear my mental inbox.

Perhaps more than any other post, my recent post on the forced famine in Ukraine has really remained with me. When thinking about people living in impossible situations picture Iraq or Syria , I try to put myself in the position of a father sending his children off to school, not knowing if they will return safely; of a husband seeing his wife off to market, carrying the same burden of possible finality; of the breadwinner living in a place in which the economy has been destroyed.

The following — taken from the author of the book Bloodlands — has struck me and is what has stuck with me:. As of 14 January, citizens were required to carry internal passports. The sale of long distance tickets to peasants was banned. No food left to requisition, so none left to eat. No way to flee. Nothing left to do but die In Soviet Ukraine in early , the communist party activists who collected the grain left a deathly quiet behind them…Ukraine had gone mute.

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The stillness: bodies barely able and eventually unable to move…yet alive…for a while longer; the body automatically consuming first its fat, then its muscle; fathers unable to do anything to provide or protect. The lifelessness: there are no cats or dogs — all have been eaten; the birds have been scared away because to remain meant to be eaten; the livestock and chickens gone long before. The silence: not a creature was stirring because there were no creatures left to stir; not a human was stirring because there was no energy to move — all energy was diverted to the body automatically consuming itself.

People in Ukraine never considered cannibalism to be acceptable. Even at the height of the famine, villagers were outraged to find cannibals in their midst, so much so that they were spontaneously beaten or even burned to death.

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The author wrote of the cannibalization by permission — the mother telling her children to make a meal of her remains after she dies. He also wrote of the pre-meditated cannibalization — killing the infant in order to eat. I think about people stuck in such impossible situations. Very smart.

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