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Both Kozue and Mai are equally sweet and beautiful, adding to the attachment one has when the sex scenes do come down the pike, which is quite often.

The technical aspects are also there to bring the OVA through with shining colors. Even the English dub is actually pretty well done. I was understandably floored when I first switched to it and it actually sounded competently done. Lover-in-Law keeps itself lighthearted and fun without losing those elements of realism and introspection that raise it above its counterparts.

Lover-in-Law is a slightly sordid tale about Mai, a voluptuous young woman who runs a flower shop with an adulterous secret. Random Bishoujo Game Reviews.

Hentai Clips and Trailers. Animetric Forums Contest Arena. Site Info:. Advanced Search. Subscribe and Share. Review Title:. Aniyome wa Ijippari, Elder Brother's Wife. The characters are well drawn , the plot is basic but sound , and the hentai is HOT! If you're interested in hentai and don't like the abusive or rape stuff , then don't miss out on this one.

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You won't be disappointed. I'm always looking for the BEST hentai titles out there, going online and looking at clips before a purchase. Excellent story, great original character designs I've never seen characters in this style before in a hentai and PLENTY of great scenes. I was surprised the English Dub was as great as it was, they worked hard.

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The dialogue was funny as hell in some spots intentionally , and you just CAN'T go wrong with this one if you like hentai. The best I've seen so far this year! This one was really nice, the graphics were pretty good, and it had a nice story. This is an excellent hentai title. No rape or other brutality in the sex scenes. The story is good.

The sex scenes are nicely done. The two episodes have girl - girl, toy play, anal and an extended threesome in them so they cover most of the bases. This really is one of the best titles out there.

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The animation is very well done, the sex scenes are detailed and fully explored in most cases. Could use more sex scenes, but what one of these shows couldn't?

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That is why people buy them after all. Well worth the money. This video is pretty good storyline could be little bit better. But if you have a chance you should buy it if your age.

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Hot busty women and warming plot. This is such a lovely hentai anime. An excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality hentai. The animation was good as was the dub, the sex scenes were very steamy and the story was surprisingly entertaining. Definitely worth watching! Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser.