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But you are also absolutely right. There is no such thing as just putting something out there and having that instant success. I like the step-by-step analysis of how you did it.

Thanks, Steve. Sort of. Or the marketing strategy followed in a second magical, smoky gust. You can go take a course and write a book on what you learned.

Put in your time. Become an expert. That makes for a good ebook. I offered to help him. Gave my copy recommendations. Thought that was it. But Shereef is amazing. It was totally out of the blue. That alone was awesome. Startups of all sizes were begging for an hour of my time.

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That was a sweet ego boost. I agreed to review web copy for about 8 or 10 startups. Unfortunately, I received way more requests than I could handle. The only cure is more cowbell. Anyway, a handful of the people I turned down suggested I write an ebook instead. I listened. I just decided to. It was a strange phase I was going through, like the year when I rocked a pixie cut. I procrastinated. I quit. Ended up with pages and yet so much left unsaid. I was right to cringe.

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  7. The content was good, my readers said. But the book was too long. Startups need to learn how to write a headline right now. Or where messages come from in the first place. Or how to get visitors to click on their buttons. My target market needed bite-sized pieces of info that hit on specific topics. To do this took a mindset shift.

    My vision. I quickly realized that such an attitude was super-problematic. I was a skilled worker who was creating content. Valuable content — book-worthy content.

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    But, at the end of the day, just content. I was not venturing into the world of non-fiction writing or publishing. I was venturing into the world of content marketing. With that mindset shift came this cascading waterfall of changes to my strategy. I wanted more control than that. Especially when that site was only going to give me a portion of the earnings.

    And especially when I was willing and able to do the work of selling the books myself. Was built on WordPress so I could update it easily, take advantage of plugins, etc.

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    Offered shortcodes so I could make the content readable. Allowed me to fulfill orders of digital products.

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    7. My hubby set the whole thing up, and then I went in and wrote the copy. You can read a PDF on your computer. You can read it on your iPad. You can print it out, make notes on it, and so on. If I got enough requests, I would cough up the bucks to get the conversions done by a pro. It was in: 2nd place within an hour 7th place by the fifth hour 8th place by the sixth hour Sixteen hours after posting, it was still on the first page albeit in position 22 by then and it had 91 comments. The market had spoken. They liked. The first person to buy my ebook bundle?

      Aside from my very first e-book and the two Small Blog, Big Income entries, all of my other e-books are repurposed content. Yes, Collaborators are terrific for e-book writing! Most of my e-books have co-authors—I even did one with 40 different authors that I edited and presented. That means I had 40 other writers who would promote the e-book. Curated content rocks. Collaborating will allow you to generate more e-books faster, which is important.

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      The easiest way to sell more copies of your e-book is to have another e-book come out. Readers will be more receptive and less annoyed than if you keep flogging that one, old e-book. A new e-book gets readers looking over—and buying—your old titles. You can also redesign the cover of an older e-book, update and introduce a new edition, or otherwise refresh an older e-book and promote it to create a sales surge.

      You can compensate for the relatively modest size of your audience and look more successful with better-quality e-book design.