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Sort by. Interactive Fiction. Story Rich. Role Playing. View all tags. Strive for Power. Lust Doll. Debauchery in Caelia Kingdoms. Transformation game and kingdom management. Lust Doll Plus. Start alone and confused in a dangerous place, and go on to carve out a piece of the world for yourself. Dysmorph: A Sinful Story of Change. Monstrous Rick. Monster Girl Dreams.

50 Must-Read LGBT Fantasy Books

The BF stands for Battle Fuck. The Magic of Home. Play as a Witch trying to defend her house by transforming intruders.

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  • Close: A New Adult Thriller (Novella).

Free hentai eroge visual novel videogame, about how a witch turns your best friend into a girl. A small BDSM choose-your-own-adventure where "no" is an answer and every path leads to cuddles. Flesh Dimension 0.

Can you escape the Flesh Dimension? Or, more importantly Play in browser. Love Potion. A witch discovers how to make a love potion.

  1. Guide Flesh Sorcery: an erotic fantasy adventure.
  2. Submerged: Adventures of Americas Most Elite Underwater Archeology Team.
  3. TO WHOM SHALL WE GO?” from The Great Texts of the Bible, Annotated.
  4. Milk Cow Blues;
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  6. Sunlight Empire. The Godhood Chronicles. Studio Paper Waifu. Your world just got a whole lot bigger. Help your bro practice his sex moves. Not Safe Or Sane. The inclination is that to be considered part of the Dragon Fantasy sub-genre dragons must be central to the story—not existing on the periphery of the world. In some iterations dragons wield magic. Even if they don't have magic themselves, their sheer mythological nature and power make them magical creatures.

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    Beyond the power and attributes of the dragons, the world of the dragon is a magical place too. Skilled wizards and well-developed magic systems are common in dragon fantasy. Dragons are often symbols—of wisdom, of change, of destruction—so their presence in a story can be symbolic of social change or upheaval. But, not necessarily.

    50 Must-Read LGBT Fantasy Books

    Dragons can be and do many things, and it's up to the writer to decide if dragons will help explore grand ideas or inspire social change. There is an image of the dragon, sitting atop a mountain of gold ready to strike down any who may wish to take their treasure from them. However, the characterization of dragons has evolved with time. Indeed, at first, dragons were antagonists, they were the villains of the story; they were dangerous and vicious.

    Then they became symbols of wisdom, they were benevolent and even advised our heroes—though they were still dangerous monsters. It has only been recently that dragons have become central to plots and fully developed characters of their own. Newer dragons have personalities, intelligence, ambitions, and back stories. The plot is fairly linear and predictable—but still pretty exciting. Other stories, where dragons are highly intelligent and active, will have more complicated plots—in some stories, dragons have even become involved with human politics.

    Regardless of how linear the plot is, Dragon Fantasy is always an exciting story with elements of adventure.

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    Dragons, even benevolent ones, are dangerous creatures. There will be violence. Whether that violence is gritty—torn bodies, charred flesh, and screeching wails of pain—is up to the writer. The violence can be more G-rated, especially in Juvenile and YA fiction—but it is there. Mythic Fantasy. Dragons are mythological creatures. Dragons are also often part of the mythos of a fantasy world.

    By Christopher Paolini. A YA tetralogy that focus on the adventures of a young man and his dragon. By Anne McCaffrey. This series explores the relationship between dragons and their riders in detail. By Robin Hobb. The first in the The Rain Wild Chronicles, a party of deformed dragons and their handlers are on a journey to a safe haven for the dragons. By Naomi Novik. An alternate history story set during the Napolenic Wars where dragons are part of aerial warfare.

    The first book in the One of Age of Fire series told from a dragon's point of view, a dragon who just might be the last of his kind.

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    Smaug is the classic dragon figure lying under the mountain—a scary creature who keeps the dwarves from their home and who must be defeated. By James Stevens. The first book in the YA series The Dragons of Laton, this novel about a young man who accidently links with a dragon. By George R.