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Arthur C. Alfred Bester. Arkady Strugatsky.

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Description The 21st century. Europe is divided between the First World bourgeoisie, made rich by nanotechnology and the cheap versatile slave labour of genetically engineered Dolls and the Fourth World of refugees and homeless displaced by war and economic upheaval. In London, Alex Sharkey is trying to make his mark as a designer of psychoactive viruses, whilst staying one step ahead of the police and the Triad gangs.

At the cost of three hours of his life, he finds an unlikely ally in a scary, super-smart little girl called Milena, but his troubles really start when he helps Milena quicken intelligence in a Doll, turning it into the first of the fairies. Milena isn't sure if she's mad or if she's the only sane person left in the world; she only knows that she wants to escape to her own private Fairyland and live forever.

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Fiction Resources Free eBooks. His mission: to undo successive tamperings of the time stream which threaten the survival of Mankind. He falls in love with a lovely, simple girl, Lisa, but in the midst of his happiness […].

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Meet John Grimes at the very beginning of a career that will lead him to fame and glory out at the edge of the galaxy, out where the laws of men are nonexistent, and those of nature itself are sometimes tenuous … Someday Grimes will be a Commodore in the secessionist Rim Worlds Navy, but […]. Count Sessine is […]. Ranging from the mysterious to pulp action to the Lovecraftian, this vivid collection of short fiction explores a world of radio heroes, masterful villains, and creatures from places unknown. You can find more of Richard A. As noted last Friday, R. And here is the book that set him on the path to greatness.

The golden planet of Astrobe, made in the image of Utopia, now faced a crisis which could destroy it forever; and yet, no […]. Because he was bored with life on a world that had become a museum, Paul Hilder answered a mysterious advertisement, and found himself plunged into a life that was different, dangerous and far from boring.

This is the story of an Earth that existed alongside the one that Paul Hilder knew, and with which he […]. Raphael Aloysius Lafferty was born in Neola, Iowa in and died in Over the course of his writing career, Lafferty produced thirty-two novels and more than two hundred short stories.

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Nine Hundred Grandmothers, originally […]. His godfather was the Chinese revolutionary and political leader, Sun […].

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Find out more. Masterworks Spotlight: The Chrysalids Nothing at all should be read into the fact that our two current SF Masterworks spotlights are a post apocalyptic tale driven by fear and hatred of those that are different, and the story of an alien visitor to Earth who brings knowledge but is greeted with fear and suspicion.