Manual Everyone is Gifted!: Allow the gifts within you to be released - despite yourself

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If you see something play out in your mind and you shake it off and do nothing about it, and later it happens, does it mean you have the gift of discernment?

Everyone is Gifted!: Allow the gifts within you to be released - despite yourself

Are you a believer in God? Do you study his word to grow as a believer? This article is based on what God says about discernment. If you have answered yes to the above, I would suggest you ask God to take this ability away if it is not from him.

We Are All Gifted

My daughter used to have the same sense of 'knowing. I am a true believer in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I feel pretty sure I have the gift of discernment. How can I research this more? Any advice? This article is on the gift of discernment. How do you know?

How Do You Know if You Have the Gift of Discernment? | LetterPile

My resource is God's word. He is the one that gives gifts to his children. It is through God's word that we learn about the gifts he bestows. References are listed above in the article under other spiritual gifts. I have the gift of discernment. How can I use my gift daily? Who can I use it on? I also possess the gift of prophecy. What do I do with that?

If God has gifted you with discernment, he will show you how to use your gift, same with prophecy. Stay close to him, study his word, ray often and be submitted to him in all your ways. Have you ever heard of someone receiving a spiritual call? Like a phone call but in the spirit. Usually, I can hear it regarding suicide or abortion or someone cries, help me, and begins to tell their situation. No, I have never experienced or heard of anything like this.

Do you know the Lord Jesus? If you do, pray and ask God the Father to show you what to do with this information. I normally see things in my imagination, especially when I look at the Mary statue. Does this mean I have the gift of discernment? It does not mean it indicates the gift of discernment. I would say your imagination is active, but beyond that, I have no clue. And it scares me because I don't know how to use it.

At times I think I'm going crazy. Please enlighten me on when and how to use my gift?

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I am assuming that you are a child of God and understand that God bestows gifts of the spirit to each of his children. Knowing that God has gifted you with discernment is knowing that He will use you. It would take too long to address your question in a question and answer fashion. So, I am giving you a link from a trusted source, so you can discover how to use the gift God blessed you with. This article has three parts.

You will find the link to the next part at the bottom of each page.

Ephesians 2:10

Remember, "God has not given you the spirit of fear. Many people have more than one spiritual gift. It means we have more accountability to use those gifts to minister to others.

To answer this, I am sending you a link with a clear explanation of the gift of knowledge. God Bless you! You cannot do anything to receive this gift. God gives all those who have accepted His gift of salvation, a spiritual gift. This is one of the many gifts God gives to His children.

It depends on how you utilize that gift. If you give unsolicited advice to people with your gift, it will not be well received. Each gift must be bathed in love and compassion to be accepted by the receiver.

I’m Confused About My Calling - Maybe: God - Pastor Steven Furtick

Since you have the gift of discernment, discern when it is time to speak, time to listen and time to pray. Ask God; He's the giver of every good and perfect gift. Recently, there was a bad wreck on my block all three people were dead on impact. I went out to see if I could help and something came over me so strong I could almost smell death and that bothered me, Is this just part of discernment?

I don't believe there is any connection between what you felt and the gift of discernment; not sure why you had that sensation. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. So ive been having dreams and things that I think has been pointing to my gift but today and this has happened before but I was told to come in the living room by my caretaker and she came in with another Staff and it just hit me automatically it was crazy but god told me so I spoke out loud oh my god and they said what I said I know why were in here and she said why I said your quiting and she was just in shock that I knew.

The subject matter is indeed fascinating. I truly enjoyed the read and liked your examples given.

See a Problem?

Hi Chanel, First, let me encourage you to stop reading horoscopes. The Bible expressly forbids divination, sorcery, and hidden arts Deuteronomy Deuteronomy Reject any other source of guidance, information, or revelation. See also Acts Our trust is in God alone, and we know that He will direct our paths Proverbs Faith in anything besides God is misplaced.

Astrology opposes biblical teaching in at least two ways: it advocates faith in something other than God, and it is a form of divination. We cannot determine God's will for our lives through horoscopes. As Christians, we are to read the Bible and pray to God in order to gain wisdom and guidance. Consulting a horoscope is a violation of God's means of communicating with His children.

I am wondering if this is the gift of discerning of spirits. Jeffrey, great observations and insights. Yes, the word is truth and everything must be in agreement with HIS word! Thanks for your input!!