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Changes was their last new album for Colgems Records and the group's last album of all new material until 's Pool It. History The album's title had originally been considered for the Monkees' movie released in , and a song with that title cowritten by Jones with Steve Pitts had been recorded.

The movie was retitled Head, however, and the song was subsequently shelved, remaining unreleased until , when it appeared on the archival compilation album Missing Links Volume Two. Changes reunited Jones and Dolenz with producer Jeff Barry, who now had his own successful record label, Steed Records. As with the earliest Monkees recordings, Jones and Dolenz provided only their vocals, despite the album cover featuri. Christmas Party is the thirteenth album by the Monkees.

Produced mainly by Adam Schlesinger with Michael Nesmith's tracks produced by his sons Christian and Jonathan , the album is the Monkees' first to focus on Christmas music. It follows on the success of their album Good Times! The album features a mix of covers of earlier Christmas songs from "Angels We Have Heard on High" and "Wonderful Christmastime" to the relatively obscure "Jesus Christ" originally by Big Star and new holiday tunes written specifically for the album by several Good Times! His acting credits include a Tony-nominated performance as the Artful Dodger in the original London and Broadway productions of Oliver!

Jones is considered a teen idol. His television acting debut was on the British television soap opera Coronation Street. After the death of his mother from emphysema when he was 14 years old, Jones rejected acting in favour of a career as a jockey, comm. Robert Michael Nesmith born December 30, is an American musician, songwriter, actor, producer, novelist, businessman, and philanthropist, best known as a member of the pop rock band the Monkees and co-star of the TV series The Monkees — After the break-up of the Monkees, Nesmith continued his successful songwriting and performing career, first with the seminal country rock group the First National Band, with whom he had a top hit, "Joanne", and then as a solo artist.

He is a noted player of the string guitar, performing on custom-built string electric guitars with the Monkees built by Gretsch and various string acoustic models during his post-Monkees career. He is also an executive producer of the cult film Repo Man The Monkees Greatest Hits is the first greatest hits compilation album by the Monkees, issued by Colgems in June After an unsuccessful movie, Head, from the previous winter, the record company tried to revive waning interest in the Monkees, but to no avail.

The band was now down to a trio with the departure of Peter Tork, and The Monkees Greatest Hits climbed to number 89 on the Billboard album charts before disappearing. It is also the only original Monkees album on the Colgems label not to feature any photographs of the group either on the front or back covers.

Despite the "greatest hits" title, many of the tracks chosen were either favorite songs from the TV show or "deep cuts" from the albums. Good Times! Produced mainly by Adam Schlesinger with some additional bonus tracks produced by Andrew Sandoval , the album was recorded to commemorate the band's 50th anniversary. It is the first Monkees studio album since Justus the longest gap to date and the first since the death of founder member Davy Jones.

Background and recording The project was initiated by Rhino executives John Hughes and Mark Pinkus, who were excited about a 50th anniversary album for the Monkees. Recorded on June 1, , it was released on Colgems single on September 6, Written and sung by Nesmith, the song's title is never heard in the lyrics.

The flip-side, "Mommy and Daddy", is sung by its writer Micky Dolenz. Listening to the lyrics, it's about a guy waiting for a plane carrying his girlfriend who he hasn't seen in over a year. Sometime in the s, someone interviewed Nesmith and asked about this song, wondering if there was more to it than meets the ear. Neither Michael Nesmith nor Davy Jones participated in the new recordings.

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Nesmith also did not join the tour with the reassembled Monkees aside from joining them for an encore in one show , while Jones did. However, Jones would leave the stage when the new songs were performed. Its followup, a remix of "Daydream Believer" featuring a more modern drum sound , hit At the end of the print run of Then and Now Music Box is a four-CD set by the Monkees. It replaced the previous Monkees box set, entitled Listen to the Band.

In addition to music recorded in the s, it also includes music from the Monkees reunions in and , as well as previously unreleased versions. Track listing Disc 1: No. Title Writer s Original release Length 1.

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Listen to the Band is a box set compilation of recordings by the Monkees, issued by Rhino Records in to commemorate the group's 25th anniversary. The box set consisted of four CDs spanning the years to , a page LP-sized book featuring interviews with all four Monkees, as well as their songwriters and producers, and a full-color poster of Monkees memorabilia.

Most of the tracks were remixed from the original multitrack tapes. In most cases, these remixes are exclusive to this set. Track listing [1][2] Disc 1 No. Title Notes Length 1. Samuel Lawrence Taylor June 26, — August 19, was an American bass guitarist, best known for his work as a member of Canned Heat from The Gamblers had a local hit.

Written by Michael Nesmith, it is the first time Nesmith sang lead vocals on a Monkees A-side single.

The one-hour special aired on NBC on April 14, It was heavily promoted in trade ads and was designated as the 'plug side' on the promotional single. However, DJs began to recognize the superiority of the B-side. This justified Colgems making an updated picture sleeve with "Listen to the Band" as the A-side.

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It was completed on December 9, at RCA stu. He grew up in Connecticut and in the mids was part of the Greenwich Village folk scene, and as an accomplished musician, befriended Stephen Stills. After moving to Los Angeles with Stills, he was recruited for the musical television sitcom The Monkees, and became a teenage idol between Barrel Full of Monkees is a compilation album of songs by the Monkees, released by Colgems Records in The double album was produced and marketed for children, after the success of the Monkees' television show being rebroadcast on Saturday mornings by CBS, and was the last LP ever issued by Colgems.

The song collection included 13 of the 14 tracks found on The Monkees' first Greatest Hits compilation, the missing exception being "Zor and Zam. Hit Factory is a compilation album of songs by the Monkees, released by Pair Records in and licensed from Arista Records.

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  • The album was available as a two-record set or single cassette and sold surprisingly well the year following its release, after the Pleasant Valley Sunday MTV marathon of their television series in February reawakened interest in the Monkees. Despite its title, the album did not include a full selection of hit singles, instead featuring a mixture of hits, B-sides and album tracks, including then-rarely heard songs from the Monkees' film Head and their albums Instant Replay and The Monkees Present.

    The Billboard chart hit "Tapioca Tundra" 34 makes its U. The photo of the band used on the cover is a flipped image from the original.

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    • Track listing [1] Album 1 Side 1 No. Title Source Length 1. While the Monkees were among the top-selling bands of the mids, their decline was sharp, and their last new albums and singles sold poorly. Earlier greatest hits collections the first two from their original label, Colgems Records had seen only limited release and were hard to find in stores. The first compilation was also called The Monkees Greatest Hits, but its track listing was very different. Several of the Monkees' hits had become radio staples, though, and with the sale of their television series into syndication in , they found a new audience on daytime TV.

      Popular demand from old and new Monkees fans prompted the album's release.

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      The cover included a photo of the group on the front and a still from the s. It is the only composition recorded by the Monkees that is credited to all its members, and managed to bubble under the Billboard Hot upon its distribution. He immediately regrets the decision and comes to a self-realization before coming to shore in New Orleans to partake in its "swingin' scenes".

      It features energetic, rapid lead vocals by Micky Dolenz, and big band influences that are melded into the pop song, with the arrangements organized by jazz musician Shorty Rogers. It was originally recorded by The Monkees, with Davy Jones singing the lead. The single reached No. Billboard Hot chart in December , remaining there for four weeks, and peaked at No.

      It was the Monkees' last No. The song has been recorded by others, including a version by John Stewart himself. Stewart said that it was supposed to be the third in a trilogy of songs about suburban life. Married couples start out in an idealistic haze, but after a few years it wears off, and each sees the other as he or she really is.

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      This is, supposedly, when genuine love is proven. Douglas Farthing Hatlelid born August 27, , better known as Chip Douglas, is a songwriter, musician bass, guitar and keyboards , and record producer, whose most famous work was during the s. Early career Douglas was raised in Hawaii and began his musical career with a folk group he formed in high school, "The Wilcox Three", modeled after The Kingston Trio. They were signed by Warner Bros. They also appeared as themselves in a nightclub scene for the Warner Bros. Monkee Flips is a compilation album of songs by the Monkees, issued by Rhino Records in Labeled as the "Best of the Monkees, Volume Four" as it followed the two Arista Records compilations Greatest Hits and More Greatest Hits and the Rhino Records picture disc Monkee Business , the album featured an all-stereo selection of single sides and album tracks, including several songs featured in the Monkees TV series.

      It was available on both LP record and cassette formats. The album is also notable for containing a previously u. Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating Allmusic [1] Missing Links is a compilation album of rare and previously unreleased songs by the Monkees, issued by Rhino Records in While "Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears" and "If You Have the Time" had both been featured in the reruns of their s television series[2], none of the tracks had ever been issued commercially. The original vinyl an. The show features all four of the original Monkees and was the last time Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, and Peter Tork appeared together in a new television program.

      Michael Nesmith wrote and directed the program. This special is not to be confused with the similarly titled documentary from , Hey, Hey, We're the Monkees. Game show host Chuck Woolery makes a cameo. Plot While Davy tries to get the band to rehearse for a very important gig, Micky seeks to find a gimmick to give them an identity, and.