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One Vancouver hotel offers welcome mat, bowls of bottled water, menu with prime rib bones and gravy. Trial begins for Gabriel Klein, charged with killing teen and wounding another girl in Abbotsford.

Caught Red-Handed

RCMP investigating and gym members outraged after video camera found at Chilliwack location. All six federal party leaders in Ottawa for national English-language debate. An industry insider spills the beans on new product, tech and personalities. All 1, votes cast accounted for after audit, says chief electoral officer. Warner Bros. KLP to no longer invest in companies that get more than five per cent of revenue from oilsands. But here in BC, 1 in 4…. Yes thanks for reminding me of borax Norm.

Funny baby caught red handed While playing with butter !

We have thousands of ants here, and last year I put out some gel-bait from a tube, but there ants cleared it away in no time and after several reapplications from the tube and more and more ants coming, I got sick of putting out bits, so I took the lid of the tube and put the whole thing out. The ants cleaned it out in a few days and by this stage were coming in their thousands! Pete and I joked that we thought they were coming from Levin!!

Magic butterfly net

Hi Jane, I laid my ant bait ouside the shade house where the ants were tracking and have not seen any ant movement in the shade house for a couple of days. Two types were put out, one of honey and borax and the other of peanut butter and borax. A few years back a researcher at Massey University in Palmerston North found that two types of ants were predominant in Palmerston North, one species preferred sweet food and the other species preferred protein. Back then I was able to identify each of the species but now have lost the information as to which one prefers which, so it was just as easy to put out both types.

Turned out to be the protein bait for these ones, which I guess makes sense as the caterpillars are a protein source. Norm — did you get rid of the ants?

Butter knife-wielding car thief caught red-handed: VicPD

Thanks Norm for alerting us to watch out for Ants. It makes seeing a butterfly flying around in the garden even more of a miracle knowing it has survived all these obstacles!

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I would say so Carol. That is why we pick the eggs and raise indoors in containers;-.

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Remember Me. November 30, at AM NormTwigge Participant. Tags: malkajgiri special operations team , fake ghee. Location: India , Telangana , Hyderabad. Latest From Nation.

Butter knife-wielding car thief caught red-handed: VicPD – Goldstream News Gazette

Honda Diwali offers: Benefits of up to Rs 5 lakh. Bigg Boss 13 Day 5: Girls get back at boys by nominating them.

Ranveer Singh buys Lamborgini at this price; find out. Gujarat: Bridge in Junagadh collapses, several trapped.