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While dogs have great stamina and will chase prey over long distances, cats are extremely fast, but only over short distances. The basic cat coat colouring, tabby see top photo , gives it good camouflage in grass and woodland. The cat creeps towards a chosen victim, keeping its body flat and near to the ground so that it cannot be seen easily, until it is close enough for a rapid dash or pounce.

Cats, especially kittens, practice these instinctive behaviours in play with each other or on small toys. Cats are quiet and well-behaved animals, making them popular pets. Young kittens are playful. They can easily entertain themselves with a variety of store-bought or homemade toys. House cats have also been known to teach themselves to use lever-type doorknobs and toilet handles.

Cats are fairly independent animals. They can look after themselves and do not need as much attention as dogs do. Cats use many different sounds for communication , including meowing , purring, trilling, hissing, growling, squeaking, chirping , clicking and grunting.

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Body posture is also important. The whole shape of the body changes when a cat is relaxed, or when it is alert. Also, the position of their ears and tail are used for communication, as well as their usual functions. These ways of communication are very important. They are used between a mother cat and her kittens. They are also used between male and female cats; and between cats and other species, such as dogs. A mother cat protecting her kittens will fight off the largest dog. She gives good warning with a frightening display, hissing furiously, showing her claws, arching her back, and making her hair stand on end.

If that fails, she attacks the dog's face with her claws. It has been said that no dog ever tries such an attack a second time. The gestation period for cats is about two months, with an average length of 66 days. The size of a litter is usually three to five kittens. Kittens are weaned at between six and seven weeks, and cats normally reach sexual maturity at 5—10 months females and to 5—7 months males.

Females can have two to three litters per year, so might produce up to kittens in their breeding life of about ten years. Pregnant females deliver their litters by themselves, guided by instinct.

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They find the safest place they can. Then they will clean it thoroughly, with their tongues, if necessary. Here they will quietly give birth. Kittens play endlessly.

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It is how they do their learning. They will play their favourite games, such as 'hide and pounce', with almost anyone or anything. Soft balls on strings are a standard toy; so is a scratching post. With cats there is a limit to how far you can train them.

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They are at least as intelligent as dogs, but they are not pack animals. If your kitten was born in your home do not let it out of the house until it is two to three months old. Cats are very clean animals. They groom themselves by licking their fur. The cat's tongue can act as a hairbrush and can clean and untangle a cat's fur. Still, owners may buy grooming products to help the cat take care of itself.

wrnp.rnp.br/cache/rastrear/xykeh-como-localizar-um.php After licking their fur, cats sometimes get hairballs. Like their wild relatives, domestic cats are natural hunters able to stalk prey and pounce with sharp claws and teeth.

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  5. They are particularly effective at night, when their light-reflecting eyes allow them to see better than much of their prey. Cats also enjoy acute hearing. All cats are nimble and agile, and their long tails aid their outstanding balance. Cats are among the most popular pets around the world.

    Click through to find out 50 fascinating facts about our feline friends. Love this? Follow us on Pinterest. The righting reflex has helped some cats survive falls from over 32 stories meters onto solid ground. The world's longest cat is Stewie, measures According to researchers, keeping a cat as a pet reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes by nearly one third.

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    Cat cafes, where a person can drink coffee and hang out with cats, are becoming popular around the world. Cats have three eyelids. The third eyelid is a tiny triangle of pinkish or whitish tissue which is usually visible in the corner of the eye. The world record of producing the most of kittens is held by a cat called Dusty, who gave birth to kittens during her breeding life.

    In most of the US states, declawing of cats is legal. Cats use their whiskers to figure out how wide an opening is and whether they will fit through it. The cat's owner, who passed away, left her fortune to him. When a cat rubs against people that does not only mean that it's getting affectionate, but it also means that they are marking out its territory with its scent glands. Mostly, a cat gives birth to one to nine kittens at once.

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    Cats have around 53 loosely fitting vertebrae, which makes their back really flexible. Humans have just In Scotland, a tower was built to pay tribute to a cat named Towser, who caught about 30, mice in her lifetime. In memo, WH official dubbed Ukraine call 'frightening'. Full screen. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Cats are more popular than dogs in America. There are 88 million cats and 74 million dogs.

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    A cat has 32 muscles in each ear that control their outer ear, whereas a human has only 6. A cat named Stubbs has been the mayor for 15 years in Talkeetna, a small town in Alaska.

    Cats cannot taste sweet things. Adult cats never meow to each other but only to communicate with humans. In Japan, a black cat is considered a good luck charm.