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They are now hopeful that when they travel to St.

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Lucia later this month they can win the game and possibly win the group. The article can be viewed here. They began a "Grenadines Tour" in January, when they travelled with three teams to Bequia to play a series of 7-a-side league games. On Feb 21, the Union headed to Canouan to play their next set of league matches.

New members of the Union, the "Canouan All Blacks", have been training since October and have officially registered with the Union and entered the league. Vincent and the Grenadines. A member squad has been chosen to represent St. The players will leave St. Vincent on Monday, Dec.

'No point moaning' about Rugby World Cup referees, says Steve Hansen

The tournament will see St. The team has been preparing and raising funds for the tournament over the last few months and is very excited to attend the tournament as the Union had to miss it last year due to lack of funds, the union said in a press release. The squad is a mixture of experienced longstanding national players, with some excellent new talent who are showing great potential in becoming an impressive team together, the release said. Vincent to pilot a new initiative linked to the programme, but aimed at girls.

The Get into Rugby programme was launched 10 months ago in primary schools across St. It has been expanded into more primary schools and some secondary schools. Vincent for a month and has been visiting various schools across St. Vincent and training the national team, which is preparing for a 7s tournament in Mexico in December. The girls specific Get into Rugby will launch Nov. The initiative is open to females interested in getting involved.

Will Greenwood's podcast: Will picks his World XV | Rugby Union News | Sky Sports

The arrival of a new coach has meant that the Union can expand the programme without stretching our resources too much, whilst developing the skills of the National Players. Research has shown that sports are a great way to help girls develop into leaders on and off the field. The next rounds of games will be held on Aug. As seen in Stabroeknews.

The St. The initiative, which is due to begin on Jan. At the end of the introduction week, on Feb. You can also visit the official Get Into Rugby site: www. The camp will feature four one-week sessions in the following communities: Calliaqua Aug.

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Participants are provided with juice and a snack each day. The aim is to offer an opportunity for the youths of St. Vincent to learn something new.

A 'massive crack' then no feeling

The camp will teach youth the skills and techniques pertaining to rugby as well as important life skills, including responsibility, honesty, integrity, and leadership. Lucia for their Carnival 10s tournament. Lucia A Team, St. Lucia Carnival 10s Tournament. Congrats to our Top Scorer: Godfrey Matthews! As seen in the I-Witness News on June 13 Find the full article here. The clean up was carried out to tie in with the test cricket matches between the West Indies and Sri Lanka. The matches, which are due to take place from June 12, will see tourists and locals coming to the area.

This particular beach is a great spot for a cool down during or after the game, but has been affected for quite some time with garbage and is often overlooked by persons who clean up St. Vincent, the club said, The club further stated that it is dedicating time to community outreach projects all over St. Vincent and the Grenadines and will continue on a monthly basis to conduct cleans, visits and help in the community.

As seen in The Vincentian May 24th The SVG National Rugby Club continued to make meaningful contribution, not just in promoting their sport but in community building. From among their membership and families, the Club collected a quantity of clothing, footwear, and personal effects which they handed over to the authorities at the home.

During his incredible career, he suffered a shattered cheekbone, broken arm, torn knee ligaments and various strains, sprains, open wounds and shoulder damage and having to cover his face in cellophane in to prevent scrum pox a contagious skin infection. That is all before we get on to the three major back operations and a neck operation, which left him in so much pain that he was unable to lift his baby daughter from her cot.

He recovered to play in the World Cup in Then, in , he injured himself so badly he had to retire from the game. Since rugby became a professional game in , players have become bigger, stronger and faster. The average impact a player takes in a match now is like being hit by a truck at 75mph, compared to the Nineties when the impact felt more like a mini at 50mph.

Rugby concussion 'dementia risk'. Eating nuts 'cuts risk of allergies'. The children who fall victim to anorexia. Eczema now biggest skin disease in children. Our children deserve better than the worthless GCSE. Rise of the anorexic generation. It tells the story of his paralysis after a scrum collapsed in training six years ago, when he was 20 years old, dislocating his neck and trapping his spinal cord.

Two years later, Daniel James was left paralysed when a scrum collapsed on him. The year-old struggled to cope after the injury and ended his life at the Dignitas Clinic in Zurich. There are rugby players in Britain today who have been paralysed during the course of the game. Although very serious injuries remain mercifully rare, there is no question that rugby union is one of the more dangerous team sports regularly practised in schools.

Injury rates are nearly three times as high as those sustained in soccer. It is not reckless coaching or inadequate training, but the contact element in the game over 50 per cent of injuries occur in the tackle. There are no rugby injury figures yet to show whether the sport is getting more or less dangerous for children because extracting the information from schools is proving difficult, but the. Most injuries to children occur in September, when they go up an age group to the next level at the beginning of the school year. Make sure your child is aware of the changes in the laws of the game for their new age group.

Behave responsibly on the touchline. If you want to get involved, take a course in coaching or refereeing and get properly involved. If your child is not warming up properly, it may be worth discussing it with the coach. You can even offer to run the warm-up exercises yourself. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

They were wrong "Too Small to play Rugby"

Tuesday 08 October Tackling rugby safety issues head-on The Rugby World Cup will inspire children to take up the game, but is the increasing risk of serious injury a cause for concern? By Alison Kervin.