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Elliott Chin explores the unusual world of Arcanum, and returns with a full report. Learn more about Sierra's forthcoming RPG and take a look at these 25 new screens. Troika is looking for story submissions from fans to help fill the books and newspapers of its latest RPG world.

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An open-ended structure and a skill-based character system are among the game's Want to start us off? Create a new topic. You're Good to Go! Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Review If you're serious about role-playing games, Arcanum is well worth the investment of time, money, and effort.

Arcanum Chat Key members of Troika Games will chat with fans this evening. Arcanum Beta Test Announced Hundreds of players will be selected to participate in the beta test and will receive a prerelease version of the game. Arcanum Updated Preview We revisit the world of Arcanum with an updated preview of this upcoming role-playing game. Arcanum patch announced Troika Games will add new features and options to Sierra's upcoming role-playing game shortly after the game is released.

Exclusive: Arcanum Beta Signups Sierra and GameSpot will accept ten more beta testers for this distinctive role-playing game by the creators of Fallout. Arcanum heads to stores Sierra's latest role-playing game, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, will soon be available. Video interview: Arcanum Troika Games' Leonard Boyarsky gives us a look at the character creation and game interface of the upcoming role-playing game. New screens: Arcanum Sierra Studios sends us a group of exclusive screenshots from its isometric role-playing game. Arcanum 2.

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Bethesda should get the rights of Arcanum and make an Arcanum 2 as an action 3d open worldd game. Anyone agree? Arcanum Multiverse Edition [RU].

View all guides. Fix for slowdown on Windows On newer versions of Windows Arcanum runs very slowly. This is a possible fix to people who have encountered this issue.

View artwork. Latest version: 1.

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Arcanum - Variant Dialog Dumb, undressed, magic effect, conjured etc. View videos.

View screenshots. Game running even after shutdown. I have exited the game, and even ended the process in task Manager. It still shows as running and thus will not allow me to uninstall it. Exiting Steam does not fix problem either.

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Neither Arcanum or Sierra show up in the uninstall list through control pa Arcanum Cover art for Steam Library. Check out this video showcasing this build.

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