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The template was pilot-tested and refined after extensive discussions with patients from diverse cultures and traditions to identify the seven tasks of life review. In caring for countless seriously ill patients, we have learned that it is extremely important that every adult completes the seven tasks of life review. On completing the process of doing a life review, most people are able to achieve a measure of peace that comes from deep reflection about key life experiences, and the important relationships they have cultivated. Sadly, almost everyone forgets to do this or postpones it until it is too late.

Thus, they never have an opportunity to express the deep love, gratitude, and commitment they feel towards their friends and family. The Who Matters Most Letter template will help you complete the following tasks of life review in minutes:. Take the time to express your pride in their achievements.

These moments or events can range from important life milestones or simple family moments that you treasure. In doing a life review, it is important to take a moment to ask forgiveness from those you have hurt. Also, take this time to forgive yourself for any mistakes you feel you have made in the past. Task 4: Forgive those who love you if they have hurt you: Now is the time to give solace to those who may have hurt you. Let them know that you acknowledge what they have done, but that you ultimately have forgiven them. This will give you and them a sense of release and peace.

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It will also give you peace when you successfully let go of old resentments. Task 5: Express your gratitude for all the love and care you have received : Thank your loved ones for their concern through the trying times in your life and for everything else that they have done for you.

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You might mention specific instances that you hold close to your heart. Task 6: Tell your friends and family how much you love them : Sometimes it is hard to express your love for someone in speech, so take advantage of this opportunity to write to those you love and express how much you care about them. If you feel comfortable, take this time to ensure that you and your loved ones have a proper parting without any regret or guilt.

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Most Americans never complete the seven vital life review tasks. Use the Friends and Family Letter tool to review your life with your loved ones.

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Life Review Task 1- Acknowledge the important people in your life. Life Review Task 2- Remember treasured moments from your life. Life Review Task 3- Apologize to those you love if you hurt them. Life Review Task 4- Forgive those who love you if they have hurt you. Life Review Task 5 - Express your gratitude for all the love and care you have received.

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Life Review Task 6- Tell your friends and family how much you love them. Life Review Task 7: Take a moment to say "goodbye". Complete the seven tasks of life review in minutes using our simple template. Why do a life review? Learn from the wisdom of the crowd!

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Featured by AARP:. Frequently Asked Questions. When you do some reflection and take stock of your life and complete this life review exercise, you will gain new insights about what matters most to you. You may be able to make some significant changes in your future life path based on what you discover about yourself.

Most Americans never complete the seven vital life review tasks.

Most importantly, your family will cherish your letter as it will be a testimony of your love for them. Who should write the "Healthy Letter"? All adults should take time to complete the seven tasks of life review while they are able to. The challenge involves learning the facts of the condition, listening and empathising, and linking in with those with dementia to prevent isolation.

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Learn: Find out the facts What is dementia? Facts about dementia in Ireland Recognising the signs and symptoms. Listen: Take the time to empathise and understand This part encourages a deeper understanding of dementia through video material of people with dementia and family carers outlining their experience of living with it. To find out more about how you can avail of a Learn Listen Link awareness session for your organisation or community please contact advocacy alzheimer.

Past Awareness Campaigns.