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Key Largo Kolsch, or something similar from the Dog Haus's impressive row of tap handles. Chef Sarah Cloyd's hand-cranked sausages set Euclid Hall apart from other eateries. All of the links are great, but the Colorado beef short rib kielbasa proves the most like a hot dog and offers a superb snap followed by a cascade of succulent juices yes, you will need a napkin. Dip your kielbasa in one of the house mustards, such as the sinus-clearing horseradish or peach bourbon honey.

Think of this as the adult hot dog, and if you really need a bun to go with it, you can order a fresh-baked pretzel roll on the side. Two years ago, the Los Mangos neveria expanded into the space next door and began serving Sonoran-style hot dogs — a rarity in Denver, even on Federal Boulevard, where Mexican restaurants and street food abound. But what, you may wonder, makes it Sonoran? This style originated in the s in Hermosillo, Sonora, and gained popularity stateside in Arizona. The main allure is the thin strip of bacon wrapped around the frank, which is then grilled and wedged into a bolillo-style bun.

Traditionally the dog also gets a heap of pinto beans, onion, tomatoes and various salsas.

Ultimate Hot Dog Guide: 10 Ways to Cook a Perfect Hot Dog

The Sonoran at Los Mangos adds guacamole, mayo, mustard, ketchup and bacon crumbles. Expect to eat this perrito caliente with a fork and knife; it's the only way to minimize the mess while letting you dunk each bite in the side of salsa verde. Skip the classic fried chicken at this Governor's Park eatery and go for a different summertime favorite, the Haute Dog. It's not like any hot dog in Colorado. For starters, a cascade of six-pepper chili with venison, bison, bacon and beef covers the dog completely.

Instead of a normal ballpark frank, beneath the chili lurks a kobe beef link. A hearty dose of fried onion rings, cotija cheese and beer cheese sauce tops things off. Yes, you'll need two hands, a stack of napkins and possibly a fork and knife, so make sure you're not wearing white when you go.

Kids who grew up in the University Park neighborhood remember walking to Mustard's Last Stand for one of the most memorable hot dogs in town. Decades in and thousands of hot dogs served, this venerable joint remains consistent and delicious under owner Dan Polovin. Chicago-style hot dogs are the specialty here; Polovin continues to dish out Vienna Beef dogs in poppyseed buns to locals, students and Windy City transplants.

Get yours "dragged through the garden" for a hefty bite topped with bright-green relish, yellow mustard, sauerkraut, onions, celery salt, tomato, pickles and sport peppers. Just over 12 million Americans ate Eckrich hot dogs in The budget-friendly franks cost just 17 cents apiece, according to Cheapism , and are sold at stores like Walmart. About 17 million Americans consumed Hillshire Farms hot dogs in The company makes beef hot links and beef smoked sausage, as well as products like cheddarwurst and jalapeno and cheddar sausages.

Fifty years later, Armour hot dogs are still going strong, with Store-brand hot dogs were snapped up by At Idaho's, you'll find the incredible tater pig: a baked potato with a hole drilled out of it and stuffed with a hot dog or sausage, then topped with chili, cheese, bacon, and sour cream.

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Instead, why not sit down, enjoy the ambiance of a county fair, and grab a fistful of Idaho? Chicago-style hot dogs are world renowned. They also pickle their own sport peppers, hotter than most other stands, so beware. Fort Wayne Coney specializes in dogs cooked in the window-front grill, topped with onions and meat sauce. You gotta plan ahead.

It dominates the hot dog landscape in nearby Indiana and northern Kentucky, too. The fries are not to be missed either.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Dogs.

Serving one of the most unique and delicious hot dogs in the country, this tiny red shack is a Route 1 tradition, open for only a few hours each day. Best washed down with a can of Moxie. This is the place that inspired me to start writing about hot dogs, many moons ago.


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Go for the duck-fat fries and fried Oreo cookies. A funky old-school, main street hot dog shop, Graham's is located in the working-class town of Fall River—birthplace of Emeril Legasse and home to multiple unique foodstuffs, thanks to an interesting mix of Portuguese culture, coastal cuisine, and New England classics. It also symbolizes the Greek influence on American hot-dog culture. Served on steamed buns, the sausages are a proprietary natural casing pork-and-beef mixture, which are flat griddled and loaded with a meat-laced chili sauce, sweet onions, and mustard. If American is crowded, just step next door to Lafayette Coney Island, founded by Keros' relatives, and equally venerable.

Set inside the Viking Bar on Riverside Ave, this upscale sausage vendor features hand-made products from locally sourced meats—although its menu offers a global perspective when it comes to hot-dog culture. Small Time Hot Dogs, a food truck with an experimental bent, relies on good hot dogs and Polish sausages to create items that reflect various Southern food traditions.

For instance, the Ragin' Cajun is a large Polish sausage covered in mild crawfish; the Southern Dog has hickory smoked pulled pork, coleslaw, and barbecue sauce. What distinguishes this place is its regional specialties: Delta tamales, steamed or fried, fried green tomatoes, and fried pickles. When in Mississippi, this is a must-find truck. Look for current locations on their Facebook page.

Hot dog variations - Wikipedia

Louis Website: stevehotdogsstl. Steve's, opened by musician Steve Ewing in , offers a cheffy take on the humble frankfurter, taking cues from several food cultures. The Backyard Barbecue dog is a four-ounce smoked sausage with baked beans, potato salad, bacon and barbecue sauce. Diners can order Hungarian or Jamaican dogs, and even a St.

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It's only natural, then, that the state's best version can be found at The Burger Dive in the scenic town of Billings. This combo arcade-hot-dog joint is located in Bellevue, just south of Omaha. One version comes wrapped in bacon and dipped in Buffalo hot wing sauce; another bacon-wrapped dog is placed in a pretzel bun with tzatziki sauce. One operation, however, is more in line with modern, fusion cuisine. Good griddled sausages can be topped with 19 different combinations, including a homemade kimchi.

For a breather from traditional hot dogs, you have to head west of The Strip. Address and phone: Fleet St, Portsmouth Website: gilleyspmlunch. They're delicious when topped with wet bean chili, although you can always order them with just mustard and onions. In that case, pay 25 cents extra to get the dog grilled instead of steamed.

Five Little Ducks - Little Baby Bum - Nursery Rhymes for Babies - ABCs and 123s

Also highly recommended is a side of their homemade poutine. According to New Jersey hot dog guru John Fox, there are at least six different hot dog styles in the state, each with their own competing outlets. The most original is the Italian hot dog. A deep fried all-beef sausage is set in a specially made half-moon shaped bun, then covered in mustard and loaded with fried green pepper strips, onions, and fried sliced potatoes. Perhaps most famous for its appearance in Breaking Bad , this colorful Albuquerque roadside trucker shack is also legendary for their foot-long red chile dogs.

Locals recommend ordering a side of green chiles off-menu to dump onto your dog as well. New York is another tough state to pick a top dog for, with long-standing traditions stretching from Coney Island to Buffalo.

Voss' griddles the dogs and serves them on miniature butter toasted split-top buns. Starting with well-charred neon red wieners, the dogs are dressed with mild chili and super finely chopped sweet, creamy slaw. One of my favorite hot dog places in the world. DogMahal near the University of North Dakota is set in a facility that sells comic books and vintage vinyl records. A dozen others of this breed grace a menu clearly meant for cold weather hot dog fans. Address and phone: Front St, Toledo Website: tonypacko.

It's a deliciously spicy natural casing sausage in a bun topped with a unique beef-laden chili sauce: paprika, cumin, and red pepper.